School Council Meetings and Contact Info

Roy Bickell has an active and exciting School Council. All parents are encouraged to get involved by attending meetings and volunteering on the executive. 

You can email our School Council at They also maintain a Facebook page showing events and contact info.

School councils were established in 1995, to increase parent and community involvement in the education of children in Alberta. Public schools, including charter schools, are required to attempt to establish school councils. (ref. Alberta Education, School Councils page)

Your school council is a way that you can get involved in being an advocate for your child/ren’s education at Roy Bickell Public School. The School Council serves as another vital link in the connection of students, schools, families and the community. Being able to hear, discuss and clarify what is happening within the school provides parents another way to nurture and support the education being offered at the school.

To learn more about effective school councils in action, click the presentation below provided by the Alberta School Council Association.


Council and Society Documents

If you are interested in getting involved with the Roy Bickell School Council, please contact Principal Tracey Mark at (780) 830-3286.